b'MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSLets us implement, support or help maintain your Management SystemsWe get to know your business and ensure your management system works for youAt Dynamic we help organisations improve their operationalThe benefits of an effective performance. management system to an organisation include: By specifying repeatable steps that organizations consciously implement, goals and objectives are achieved. CreatingMore efficient use of organisational culture that engages a continuous cycle ofresources and improved self-evaluation, correction and improvement of operationsfinancial performanceand processes through heightened employee awareness and management leadership and commitment. Improved risk management and protection of people and Having a Management System in place is important as itthe environmentprovides the ability to enact growth, increase profitabilityand leads to overall cost savings. Reducing administrativeIncreased capability to tasks allows your workforce to be more efficient anddeliver consistent and with established Quality Management Systems results inimprovedservices and sustainable improvements in areas of business developmentproducts, thereby increasing & tendering applications. value to customers and all other stakeholdersTHOMAS DUIGNAN CHARLIE FARLEYDirectorInstrotec, Ireland DirectorJorvik Design GroupWe asked Dynamic to implement an ISO IntegratedDynamic aided with the processes of Management system. After months of collaborationour internal audits, the creation and & implementation across all of our projects, weimplementation of new processes and passed the audit with no outstanding actions. Dueaudits. They assisted in coaching our IMS to the professional manner to their approach, weManager to ensure we were confident to have asked Dynamic to complete our internal auditstand alone and could adhere to all our programme monthly. accreditation obligations.10'