b'MANAGMENT SYSTEMS SERVICES INCLUDEREVIEW Review existing Management Systems and Chain of Custody ProceduresTRAININGTraining of staff on best practices and proceduresATTEND AND ASSISTAttend and assist on the initial assessment by relevant certification bodyINITIAL ASSESSMENTGap analysis to identify existing system requirements and subsequently assessment by the certification bodyPRODUCE AND DOCUMENTProduce and document your Management System and Chain of Custody ProceduresAUDITSIncluding Internal audits with or in place of internal trained auditors or outsourcing of supplier audits. MAINTENANCE OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMServices from updating and control of company policies and documentsthrough training to future internal audits and support during audit visits. WHAT ACCREDITATION CAN WE HELP YOU ACHIEVE?9001:2015 14001:201545001:2018 22301:2012 27001:201311'