b'DS Total Cover -AOIFE ONEILLMeans Total CoverThe Creel Cafe & Restaurant, IrelandWhen we were told we had to close our We cover all things: door with due to COVID, it was a hard pill to swallow for all small business Safety owners. Dynamic handled everything Covid Compliancefor me. They implement a Safety statement, completed risk assessments Training for us, developed and implemented a COVID Plan & delivered training for Safety Suppliesour staff. Dynamic also designed and Signage installed our protective screensthrough Print their supplies department. OUR PLANS ANN KIRKPATRICK of Sleek Hair Design,is a DS Total Cover Customer and ownerAll our plans are specificallyof a Health & Safety Compliant business.developed to assist companies overcome some of their daily challenges and comply with their statutory duties.Choose the right Health and Safety Pack for your business which can provide you with the basis of a complete safety management system ensuring that your operation is managed and operated efficiently and safely.Choose from prebuilt plans or if you have specific requirements we have the option to build tailored plans. 13'