For all industry sectors and businesses to recommence works when restrictions are lifted, they will be required to implement internal safety and well-being measures in order to protect their staff, the general public and wider community.

Dynamic Safety Solutions can assist you in completing all assessments and evaluations and enable you to implement the necessary steps that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff, the general public and wider community.

To enable businesses to recommence works all business entities will have to adhere to the COVID-19 government guidelines and introduce the criteria below:

Covid-19 Response


COVID-19 Compliance Assessment

  • An assessment to identify business requirements shall be mandatory in line with COVID-19 government guidelines.

Emergency Plan

  • Each work site and office shall require a specific COVID-19 emergency plan outlining the key roles and what to do in the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case at work.

Dynamic Safety Solutions will assist your businesses in completing COVID-19 Compliance Assessment and develop a Business continuity plan which will identify how the business can implement measures and controls to prepare for future events that are a risk to the business. These measures will support in mitigating the risk factors, as early detection will be crucial in containing COVID-19 and keeping the business functioning, once restarted, if any staff shows signs of the virus.

COVID-19 Policy

  • A COVID-19 Policy will be mandatory for all businesses in line with COVID-19 government guidelines.
  • Contact tracing is highlighted as a requirement under the guidelines – all staff will need to record their locations and people they have interacted with each day
  • Each business will need a plan on how Contact tracing can be achieved

Safety Statement

  • All safety statements to be updated with COVID-19 guideline requirements.
  • All Safety Statements will need to be signed off by all staff.

Compliance Officer

  • Each work site shall require a nominated Compliance Officer, who has been trained and will recognise areas of potential risk on site or within the office environment.

Dynamic Safety Solutions have developed an online Compliance Officer training course which is delivered online using modern technology to interface. The course has been developed in line with COVID-19 government guidelines.

We will also review the business safety statement to enhance its standing in line with COVID-19 government guidelines.

COVID-19 Compliance Induction

  • All staff will need to be COVID 19 inducted back to work or back onto site. Dynamic Safety Solutions will assist with the development of the induction to include specific risk areas.
  • All staff will need to complete a self-declaration, stating they are fit to work, before they return, We will assist you in placing the self-declaration into the work environment and advise on what are the expected results and how to contain anomalies.

Risk Assessment / Method Statement

  • A COVID-19 General Risk assessment is mandatory for the business.
  • A specific risk assessment for each office/ warehouse is mandatory and shall be required to make sure the guidelines are followed – 2meter distance etc.

Dynamic Safety Solutions have the inhouse expertise to assist you in the development of all Risk Assessments for Office, Warehouse and site facilities.

Additional PPE / Supplies and Signage

All business types shall have enhanced PPE and Signage control measures to be implemented.

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Gloves – work gloves for site operatives / disposable gloves for each team/manager/surveyor etc.
  • Masks – FFP2/3 for site workers or the surgical masks to be issued to site operatives working inside 2 meters
  • Compliance Officer – Hi-Viz or stickers for helmet to identify who the compliance officer is on site/office
  • Signage / stickers / panels – floor areas in the show room and warehouse will need COVID-19 stickers / signage on notice boards/walls – vehicles may also need stickers.

Dynamic Safety Solutions have a network of suppliers that we can place you directly in touch with or you can place your order with us.

If you have the need for COVID-19 measures to be implemented into your business please contact us today on or find all of our office contact details using the button below.