Dynamic Safety Solutions have worked with MTM Engineering Ltd over the past five years from providing Safety Consultants on active projects across Europe to developing an individual safety management system tailored to our complex activities. We have been very satisfied with the service provided from the Dynamic Safety Solutions Team and would recommend Dynamic Safety Solutions Ltd. for your Safety requirements without hesitation.

mtm engineering
MTM Engineering LTD

Dynamic Safety Solutions have been working with SPIE D&T on a number of contracts across the UK and Ireland for the last 2 years to the point where they are now an integral part of our contract teams. They provide a professional, consistent approach to all aspects of their service delivery combined with a real focus on adaptability and innovation which has undoubtedly led to tangible improvements across our business.

SPIE Distribution & Transmission
LIAM McMYLEROperations Director
SPIE Distribution & Transmission

Dynamic Safety Solutions have run a number of courses for us in the past few years and are always very facilitative of our varied training requests. Feedback from our trainees is always positive. We would highly recommend Dynamic Safety Solutions for your training needs.

TLI Group
PLUNKETT McELHATTONResource & Training Manager
TLI Group

We have a large amount of items that require Loller Testing and Calibration on a 6 Monthly Basis. We have had a great service from Dynamics and the service is next to non, they meet our demand and we have all our items covered within our time frame. Staff are knowledgeable and good clean tidy workers. We are constantly informed during the day of their actions to allow us to move from section to section. The bonus of on house repairs allow the equipment to be fully functional at the earliest opportunity. Highly recommend Dynamics.

IQA Group Paisley
Jim PattersonContract Manager - IQA Group Paisley

Dynamic Safety Solutions Provide us with Consultancy on a weekly basis, site audits & manage our ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001. They have completed our Achilles application with scores for 100%, 99% & 98%.

Dynamic manages all of our training service, they let us know when our training is up for renewal & book in the training for our staff. They also complete our 6monthly Testing & Calibration. The software provided manages our service

Dynamic are a fundamental part of our business & I would highly recommend their services.

Westbel Limited
Gary McDonnellOperations Director - Westbel Limited