What is ISO 9001?


ISO 9001:2015 is the benchmark against which a Quality Management System (QMS) is assessed. 

ISO9001:2015 can be adopted by any business regardless of size or sector.

ISO9001 defines the requirements companies must implement and comply with to improve quality and ensure that products and services can meet, if not exceed customer expectations. In addition, the quality management standard is a means by which organisations can standardise their internal operations and work to continually improve their business processes.


Why is it so important?

It can help meet the needs of your customer base.

Provides a means of ensuring stakeholders interests are being managed effectively.

It is a process driven standard which helps to implement organisational efficiency.


Being ISO 9001 certified gives companies a number of advantages over their competitors:

Increased competitive advantage

Potential Tendering requirement

Better customer experience

Increased productivity, reduced costs leading to improved net profits

Ability to operate in new markets and acquire new customers

Allows companies to grow and have the systems in place to efficiently manage the increased growth in business and maximise the return on investment


The main elements that ISO 9001 focuses on:

The customer experience and improving it to benefit the company

Leadership of the organisation and the involvement of the team

Improvement of company processes to reduce costs and minimise risks

Refining management procedures to optimise opportunities and allow the business to grow