What is WIRS?

The Water Industry Registration Scheme is for contractors who provide new connections to the existing water supply or sewerage system. These are referred to as “self-lay” organisations or SLOs.

The Water Industry Registration Scheme – Accredited Entity has been developed to allow contractors, who fulfil the scheme requirements, to become registered as accredited WIRSAE Providers. WIRSAE Providers are referred to as Accredited Entities in the Wholesale Retail Code.

WIRS Providers to tender for and to carry out for Retailers’ water supply disconnections and meter installation/replacement works, relevant to their level of accreditation


What is the WIRS Accreditation Process?


Partial accreditation was established as a means for contractors, who did not possess a track record in the water industry, to enter the WIRSAE Provider market. If a contractor possesses the competencies and method statements together with safe systems of work relevant to scheme requirements, which indicate that they could safely and competently perform the services for which they are seeking accreditation, then they could be awarded Partial accreditation. This would enable them to bid for contestable work, within the water industry. Once successful then they would be required to advise LRQA who would perform a site assessment on their first contract to enable them to gain full accreditation.

Full accreditation can only be achieved once the WIRSAE Provider has been awarded work and is undertaking the full scope of works for which accreditation was sought. The Assessor will visit one or more of the sites where work is being undertaken to assess the competency and methods of work applied, to ensure consistency with the competency and method statements reviewed under the partial assessment process.


What are the benefits of WIRS?


Accreditation under the scheme will provide the service provider with the following benefits:

Accreditation recognised by all water utilities and Water UK (WIRS)

Accreditation recognised by wholesalers who allow work undertaken by Accredited Entities (WIRSAE)

Independent assessment and registration process

Assignment of an accreditation mark which will represent the achievement of a high technical, quality and safety standard.