What is ISO 50001?


Energy management framework can help you achieve energy efficiency goals and manage the risks surrounding your energy supply. ISO 50001 helps you to improve your energy efficiency, stay both current and compliant with legislation, and get future ready.


Why is it so important?

ISO 50001 helps businesses improve their energy management and consumption whilst boosting their company image and advancing the environmental future.


Being ISO 50001 certified gives companies a number of advantages over their competitors:

Increase energy efficiency.

Contribute to cost reduction.

Gain competitive advantage.

Increase effectiveness.

Promote best energy practices.

Improve energy performance.

Implement environmentally friendly practices.

Help the organization to improve its reputation.


The main elements that ISO 50001 focuses on:

It involves developing and implementing an energy policy, setting achievable targets for energy use, and designing action plans to reach them and measure progress. This might include implementing new energy-efficient technologies, reducing energy waste or improving current processes to cut energy costs.