What is Achillies?

Founded in 1990, Achilles allows organisations in a variety of industries, including Construction, Oil & Gas and Utility, to maintain a higher level of control.

Achilles works to identify, assess, and monitor the supply chain of a range of enterprises with the hope of reducing risk for buyers bidding for tenders and maintaining superb industry standards.

The accreditation service allows you to find the best organisations to ensure high-quality results and performance, ensuring that the tenders that you promote or purchase will be successful.


The Certification Process- What does it include?

The Achilles Certification process involves an assessment of several performance factors within your business.

These are:

Health and Safety


Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility


It is a two-day process that involves a Management System evaluation and an Onsite Assessment.

During the certification process, an auditor will ensure that the correct systems and protocols are available in order to review them.

On the second day of the process, systems are checked to ensure the proper measures are implemented across the board.


Why should you become Achilles Accredited?

Improved chances of winning tenders

Increased trust within your industry

Improved reputation within the sector in which you operate.

Reduced costs