Attendees can master the basics of ATV riding with our intensive course.

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ATV Course Introduction

ATV’s are very versatile vehicles with a range of attachments including trailers, sprayers and spreaders making them an effective and flexible business tool. However even the most experienced ATV riders can find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, and without the proper training serious accidents can -and do – occur.

Who is the course for?

Anyone required to use a sit-astride ATV as part of their work. This would include novices and experienced operators who require their skills up-dating, with certification.

What will you get from the training course?

Once you’ve completed Dynamic Safety Solutions ATV course, you’ll receive a certificate of training for ATVs – including loads and trailed equipment. 

What will be covered?

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as an operator.
  • Have a working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the particular machine to be used.
  • Be able to locate and identify the major components of the machine and explain their functions.
  • Be able to locate and identify key controls and explain their functions.
  • Conduct all pre-operational checks in accordance with manufacturers and legislative requirements.
  • Identify and maintain PPE appropriate for all-terrain vehicle use.
  • Conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area.
  • Conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area.
  • Prepare the all-terrain vehicle for use and operate machinery safely and efficiently.
  • Attach and set trailer implements ready for operation.
  • Environmental considerations.
  • Storage and transport of implements and attachments.
  • Load and unload from a transport vehicle or trailer correctly.
  • Carry out all end of shift and shut down procedures.
ATV Training Image

Learning Objectives

  • Machine Knowledge.
  • Pre-operational Checks.
  • Safe Operation.
  • Loads.
  • Trailer.
  • Transportation.
  • End of Shift Proceedures.